HTM SP Self-priming magnetic drive centrifugal pumps in thermoplastic materials

HTM SP are self-priming magnetic drive centrifugal pumps made of thermoplastic materials (PP and PVDF). HTM SP pumps combine the typical features of our mag drive centrifugal pumps with the self-priming capability and at sea level they can prime up to 6 meters. HTM SP pumps ensure high resistance to most chemicals thanks to the thermoplastic material, Polypropylene (PP), they are made of. These pumps prevent any leakage of fluid or other fugitive dangerous emissions thanks to the innovative sealless magnetic drive system that ensure the maximum safety and efficiency with consequent save in terms of repairing and spare parts costs. The pumped liquid has to be clean, without solids in suspension.


  • Materials available: PP/PVDF (Pump housing only available in PP)
  • Materials in contact with the liquid:
    – Pump head: PP;
    – Impeller: PP or PVDF;
    – O-ring: EPDM (standard for PP pumps) / VITON (standard for PVDF pumps);
    – Static shaft: Al2O3 99.7%;
    – Bearing: PTFEC.
  • Maximum flow: 25 m3/h (120 usgpm @ 60hz)
  • Maximum head: 22 m (110ft)
  • Max temperature: PP: 70° C – PVDF: 90° C
  • Max viscosity: 200 cSt
  • Pressure rating: PN6 at 20° C
  • Self-priming up to 6m at sea level
  • Suction connection available in 3 welded configurations (frontal, on the right and on the left)


  • DIN or ANSI 150 Flanges
  • Dry-running protection device
  • Baseplate